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What is Humpfest you ask? Here is the 4·1·1

In the spirit of good fun, or drunk fun ( very inter-changeable ) we have produced ourselves a hobby that we are proud to say is rather ingenious. What we do maybe tough to appreciate at first, and in the rare case some people (with inanimate objects in their asses) don't ever acquire a taste for Humpfest.

When first approached with the idea even I was forced to step back and ponder what I was really about to do. "We have something to do this weekend. All of us are going to go around and find stuff to hump and then take a picture of it." At this point I was thinking, wow a new low for mankind. Then I chose to let all inhibitions go (neither a first, nor a last) and gave it a try. It was unbelievable. You could not ask for more, well you could, I guess no matter what you could ask for more, but don't, don't, no, stop it you jackass. As soon as the first round of Humpfest was over it was one with my blood, just like the alcohol that ran with it.

Give it a try.


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